Thursday, 25 June 2015

Beyond The Veil: Overview


Beyond the Veil is a HUD based MMORPG in Second Life. It was release on 24th June 2015. It is a battle between Angels and Demons to control the souls of humanity. To be immortal a demon or an angel must drink from a Spring of Youth. These springs are connected to the Fountain of Youth.

Each day your immortality fades. You have thirty points of immortality. Each day you lose one. If your immortality reaches zero you will no longer be immortal and in turn no longer be able to hold the souls you have collected. All the souls you have collected will be released back to their bodies.

You can play Beyond the Veil alone or in a group. Being alone will be harder to level and harder to defend yourself against the opposite race. So it is better to find a group to join. To grow your group you can ascend avatars to join the battle for your side. Once they are ascended, offer to be their Guardian Angel or Liege. If they accept, it is your responsibility to help them and teach them how to grow. After all their soul count is included in yours.

Each Host and Legion has a Soul Crystal. These crystals hold all the souls your group has collected. If a member of the opposite race manages to touch your Soul Crystal they will steal a soul from that group. The more they touch, the more souls the can steal. An unguarded Soul Crystal is the fastest way to gain Souls.

In a soon to be released patch, a battle system will be included in the HUD. If you stumble upon an avatar of the opposite race, you can attack them. If you win the battle, they will be disabled and must return to their Hosts/Legions Soul Crystal to be reactivated.

 Getting Started

To play Beyond the Veil you will need the HUD. There are two HUDs to choose from, Angels or Demons. The only way to get hold of the HUD is to have a demon or an angel ascend you. Once they ascend you, the server will send you the welcome pack. This includes your HUD, a set of wings and either a halo or a pair of horns. There is a free 30 days trial of the HUD which starts once you are ascended.

The HUD 

  1. Immortality Points: The green dots show how much immortality you have.
  2. Scan Area: This will scan the current area and give a list of 10 avatars around you.
  3. Attack Target: This button will be the attack button when the update is released.
  4. Settings: In this button you can see your stats and your progress to the next level. More settings will be added in later patches.

The Soul Crystal

The Soul Crystal is the requirement for all Hosts and Legions. This is where all the souls you group collects are stored. It has the power to reactivate you if you have lost a battle. It can promote you to a new level if you meet the requirements are you leader is present. It is also a great place for the opposite race to come and get some quick souls. So make sure you guard your Soul Crystal. Soul Crystals must be placed on land which is accessible to all. If you find one that is guarded by a security system or blocked land, please report the clan to Raiden Faxel.
The Soul Crystal displays your Host/Legion name, the race you are, how many members and how many souls in total you group have.

 The Spring of Youth

The Spring of Youth is what give Demons and Angels their immortality. To drink from the spring all you need to do is touch it. Each drink will give you one point of immortality. The owner of the group may lock the spring to a clan or lock it from everyone. The Spring of Youth also acts as your groups donation box. No commission is taken from donations so everything benefits your Host/Legion.

If you are interested in getting into this game, please contact the creator Raiden Faxel for more details. Alternately you can contact Sigh Parx to become a demon or Warfina Tisch to become an angel.

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